Wednesday, December 08, 2004

the care package and Pearl Harbor Day

I've been suffering from a throbbing neck pain for the past week-and-a-half or so. It feels like it might be the result of a pinched nerve. That, or it's a nasty cramp from somehow sleeping in the wrong position (or does that amount to the same thing?).

My Dad wrote to ask what I wanted in my Christmas care package. I asked for (1) deodorant, (2) socks, and (3) Ben Gay.

Just so my non-American readers know, Ben Gay has nothing to do with homosexuality. It's the brand name of a well-known pain-relieving ointment (see pic here), and I'm hoping it'll help me get through my current discomfort. It's been a real bitch.

Second note to non-Americans: Never apply Ben Gay to your balls.

My Pearl Harbor Day was spent in class, where no one wanted to discuss the attack. My brain's pretty empty, so I'll point you over to Justin Yoshida for his brief reminiscence, which includes links to his previous (and excellent) entries on Pearl Harbor Day.


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