Monday, December 27, 2004

week from hell, Day One

Today was my normal block shift from 2PM to 10PM, but tomorrow I do a split shift. Later in the week, I'll be doing a 10-hour shift or two, as well as a second split shift.

I don't blame my co-worker for being on vacation, but damn this cramps my style most menstrually.

I wanted to find an image of what a split shift feels like, so I scoured the Net assiduously, and I think I found one.



OK, maybe that's not exactly what a split shift feels like. But if you come here for entertainment, don't get all picky and whiny. It's never good policy to graft the hand that feeds you.


I'm trying to think of a caption for the picture, which I love (and which I did steal from somewhere). So far, here's what I've got.

1. "Your papers are not in order."

2. This dog was genetically engineered to whack you off.

3. You can't see it, but he's also got a set of human balls!

4. Fido reached out and accepted the gun silently, gravely, aware that the entire mission depended on his catlike reflexes and steady aim.

5. "Obi-wan, you fucked up with Anakin. This is your new Padawan learner. Do it right this time."


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