Sunday, December 05, 2004

swag: hit it hard

Nothing says "Christmas!" quite like a BigHominid greeting card. Here, once again, is a review of what we've got in the online store:

The Tittie Christmas card:

buy a well-endowed card!

The Santa's Judgement card:

he knows when you've been bad or good...

The Dog Fart Christmas card:

all hail the ass gas

The Ass-flavored Christmas card:

new colorized cards!

The Phosphorescent Snot card:

new colorized cards!

The Pungent Genitals card:

new colorized cards!

The Rudolph card:

new colorized cards!

The Santa Didn't Come card:

new colorized cards!

The Gift of Pain card:

new colorized cards!

The Tongue Chomp card:

new colorized cards!

The Ass Lion card:

new colorized cards!

And last but not least-- the Two Assholes card:

new colorized cards!

Many thanks to the folks who bought my book through Amazon. Don't let the current "only 1 left in stock" discourage you; more can be had either through Amazon or directly through me via PayPal (see here).

My online store also features plenty of other items, like mugs and mousepads. A quick reminder of some of the things you can find there:

Ssshhhh!  My ass is doing its breathing exercises!

I think you'll become a member soon.

Another mousepad!

This one confronts, in haiku form, one of the great, sad truths about mousepads. Click on the image to buy one. And watch where you stick your dong.

I'm going to start hiding secret messages in these little dialog boxes.

QUICK NOTE: The images I slap onto my blog are, by necessity, rather low-dpi, always lower than 200dpi, and usually hovering around 72dpi. You'll have noticed some graininess or blockiness to the images, but this does NOT translate to bad image quality for the CafePress products. The graphics files I give to CafePress are all 300dpi images (sent in PNG format), and since I've seen what they look like on CafePress products, I can vouch for their quality.


up through the atmosphere, up to where the air is clear...

Click the above image to see a FULL-COLOR version of the mouse pad!

Don't forget all the other lovely, loathsome designs-- it's practically a little art gallery now. Visit my online store. Help feed a religion student (not that I need much feeding... OK, help buy me a treadmill, Pilates work station, and Everlast 70-lb punching/kicking bag).

Juju and mojo mean roughly the same thing.

haw haw

The mugs:

Fart in an elevator and someone might just kick you in the balls.








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