Thursday, December 02, 2004

Seung Sahn retrospective

Lorianne DiSabato*, a Zen teacher in the Kwaneum (Kwan Um) School of Korean Zen and all-around neat person, has a great tribute to Seung Sahn up on her fantastic blog, Hoarded Ordinaries.

I dug around my archives to find posts I've written that make some reference to Seung Sahn. Not all of them are glowingly positive, especially since I learned about the Zen master's past dalliances. I'm not quite as forgiving as some are about Seung Sahn's personal failings. It would be as wrong to say "let bygones be bygones" in this context as it would be to ask certain members of the Catholic community to forget the wrongdoings of a maverick priest who betrayed the parish's trust.

At the same time, I don't doubt that Seung Sahn did a lot of good during his time. I've read a few of his books and find his practical wisdom to be both sound and extremely enjoyable to read.

Here are the links, in chronological order, to my blog posts mentioning Seung Sahn. Some posts merely drop his name; others deal with him a bit less superficially.

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It's a lot of material, so choose wisely.

*I originally wrote "Lorianne Schaub," which is no longer Lorianne's last name. Sorry, Lorianne!


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