Sunday, December 05, 2004

the soldiers

Koreablogger Polymath went back to the States, then shipped out to Iraq, making him arguably the world's first Koraqiblogger.

Read his first Iraq-based post here. I hope we get more such posts-- OFTEN. Stay safe, man. Shoot straight if need be. has a story about a tough soldier who was wounded in the hip, back and brain-- and who may very well make a 100% recovery. Given the regular litany of negativity, this comes as a welcome change. Apparently, quite a few of the wounded are refusing to abandon their fellows in the field and are requesting continued service. I suppose we could focus only on the bad news from Iraq-- and there's a lot of it-- but we do so at the expense of good people like Polymath and this soldier. I'm not asking for blind optimism from the naysayers; I'm asking for the same thing any soldier would ask for: realism.


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