Thursday, December 23, 2004

various tributes

If you missed the Smallholder's recent paroxysm of posting (around 30 posts, if I'm not mistaken), go visit Naked Villainy, scroll waaaaaaay down, and start reading upwards and forwards in time.

Many thanks to Dr. Vallicella for his recent post in answer to my latest Lonergan rant. Dr. V notes at several points that he would need more context to understand Lonergan's meaning. I'll go back to the relevant spots in Method in Theology and try to offer more context, if possible, but I think most of what I posted amounts to brute claims by Lonergan. Lonergan's Method isn't heavily footnoted, which I've always found problematic because I know in my bones that a lot of his ideas come from elsewhere, even if I can't isolate sources.

Dr. V is also pondering whether to undertake a more detailed study of Lonergan. For the sake of my sanity, I hope he takes the plunge. I agree that Lonergan's got some good ideas, but I still find him unnecessarily obscure. I assume that all those Lonergan centers have sprung up because there's something about Lonergan that's worth reading, but those centers could also be the product of some sort of mass delusion.

Annika might be curious to know whose body my head is attached to in the pic that now serves as my comments link. Click the image (see sidebar-- "Vomit Vile Vituperation!") and read Rory's entry to find out with whom I've been fused. Me, I could've sworn it was a man.

I'd also like to congratulate myself for making it into the "Batman Begins" trailer. Witness this screen shot:

yeah, you KNOW wut gonna happen next!


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