Thursday, December 23, 2004

in praise of the Lindt chocolate truffle

A series of haiku in praise of my all-time favorite confection, a bunch of which I received in a care package from the folks today (Turd's Day the 23rd).

what I ate tonight
would have felled a lesser man
many truffles died

Jesus never said
"Thou shalt not eat Lindt truffles!"
He kicks fucking ass

as the people starve
up in North Korea, I
pop another in

two layers of bliss
feeling naughty, I suck on
preteen chocolate tits

can you imagine
fatass bunny crapping out
mounds of Lindt truffles?

stay the fuck away
this Lindt truffle's mine mine MINE
man, you asked for it

when close to your balls
Lindt truffles can generate


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