Thursday, December 30, 2004

all disastered out, you say?

Well, your annoyance doesn't hold a candle to what these folks are going through, so I hope you won't mind if I continue to beat this drum for a while. Much as I bitch and moan about my hagwon schedule, the fact remains I'm well-fed and safe.

Some updates:

ThoughtNuggets has some useful links here-- see especially the Network for Good.

Annie (a.k.a. Miss Stinky Back in Seoul) emails the following:


thanks for the tsunami relief post - just wanted to let you know that if you call 060-700-0007 you'll get a 2,000 won (i think, i wasn't listening super carefully) donation charged to your phone bill (home or mobile) automatically. so you can donate without doing a bank transfer, all from the comfort of wherever you are. i suspect you'd want to call multiple times.

this is via unicef. more info (in korean) at


Thanks, A.

Charlie at his new and improved Budae Chigae blog has some good links as well. (Found via Nomad)

Keep turning to Tsunamihelp for updates on what you can do to help, and how things are going.

Arn and the ImpQueen provide their own exhortations.

Naked Villainy has two very good posts on the tsunami, one that offers a list of disaster relief contacts (as well as gloomy speculation on the final body count), and another that goes into the politics of aid appropriation. It's not as simple or easy as just tossing money into a basket.


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