Saturday, December 11, 2004

this Saturday sponsored by Hardy and Tiny

My stats took a massive hit when I went on one-week hiatus, and it's been a struggle ever since to recover my original numbers. My slow crawl back up to nearly 200 hits a day has been arduous (we're not there yet by any means), and today's peak (as of this writing, I'm only a few hits away from 200) is due to the stellar-- if somewhat bizarre-- work of Hardy and Tiny, the hilarious Koreablog that winked back into existence a little while ago.

My history with H&T is a bit jumbled. For a long time, I didn't blogroll him (I assume it's a "him" and not a "them") even though I'd intended to. Then, when I finally blogrolled him, he went offline, the bastard. Then, when he came back a little while ago, I'd taken my bad link offline, so we were back to Square One.

Sorry about all that, dude.

Anyway, the Hardy and Tiny blog is now enshrined on my blogroll and H&T is online. The planets are finally in proper alignment; Armageddon can begin at last. For the sidebar logo, I cribbed a pic from H&T of a lovely, mud-spattered lady with a very shapely ass. I'm probably going to be accused of morphing into a porn blog because that pic features a delicious hint of pussy hair, but I figure the risk of eternal damnation is worth all the trouble-- not to mention the esthetic rush of seeing that marvelous ass on MY sidebar every day.

Which reminds me: Please do not whack off to my H&T sidebar image. I don't want to think that people are visiting my site with their pants unzipped. Sorry, but that just doesn't do it for me.

Please visit Hardy and Tiny instead, and choke that chicken to your heart's content.


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