Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ave, Jason!

Damn, that previous post on mind wore me out. I've got a little over a week of vacation left to me, so it's crunch time for Uncle Kevin. No more large posts for a while. The mental hemorrhoids need time to deflate.

I did, however, want to note the arrival of what looks to be a very good Taiwan-related blog: Wandering to Tamshui, by none other than Jason Wright, who's sent me quite a few emailed comments, most of which I've posted here at the Hairy Chasms.

About his new blog, Jason says:

I've noticed there are a lot of Asia-centered blogs out there that deal with the politics, culture and occasional ridiculousness that can be found in individual countries (e.g. The Marmot and The Big Hominid in Korea, Sinosplice and Peking Duck in the PRC, and JaPundit in Japan), but outside of a few good part-time blogs (like A Better Tomorrow, The Taipei Kid, and The View from Taiwan) I have yet to see a blog dedicated to Taiwan's politics, history, and cultures and how they all add up to that beautiful little turd--er--leaf-shaped country known mostly as Taiwan.

I hope this newbie's attempt at a blog will at least be a step in the right direction. I hope to keep this site updated regularly with links to Taiwan-related news articles, analyses, and (god forbid) the occasional translation.

So kick back, pop open that bottle of Taiwan Beer, and enjoy!

Welcome to the jungle, indeed! Go give Jason your undivided attention.


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