Thursday, June 16, 2005

Chapter 1 done!

The text for Chapter 1 of The San-shin's Tiger is done. Will be revising as I go (revising the blog's template as well). Like I said, my tweak-happy style is reminiscent of George Lucas's, except I'm not a near-billionaire like him. Contrary to the original plan, illustrations will appear as I can do them. Right now, the text is flowing faster than the pictures.

If you've got kids who read at about, oh, a fourth-grade level, give this chapter a test-run with them. If they're younger, try reading the chapter aloud to them and see what they think. Might make them a bit sad (heck, it might make you sad, I dunno), but the story's supposed to have a sad beginning. It's a Korean story, after all; can't forget the han.


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