Thursday, June 23, 2005

wut i ate D othur daie

When I make my creamy shrimp sauce, there are two major, parallel steps: (1) in a skillet, we get the garlic, onion, parsley, mushrooms, and shrimp jumping in some olive oil, along with salt, pepper, white wine, and spices like oregano and basil; (2) in a saucepan we whip up a basic Béchamel sauce, adding a wee bit of salt and pepper.

The above dish crossed over from Italian to French, I think, because I had no parsley and relied on a rather large amount of red wine. Plus, as you can see, there were no shrimp: the above is bacon and mushrooms. The results were fantastic. I'd thought about chopping the bacon into pieces, but keeping them whole, as it turned out, wasn't a problem. I'll be making this sauce again soon.


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