Sunday, June 26, 2005

postal scrotum: what I blog about

The Maven writes:

Re: Your Blog Content

Forgive me if I am speaking (or in this case, writing) out of turn. If you were to just focus on one theme for your blog, it would be doing a great disservice. There are many different facets to each of us as a human being. We are more than just our gender, our career, religion, marital status etc.

I enjoy flitting from one end of the spectrum to the other, with the yin/yang of the profane/profound. Obviously, I subscribe to that school of thought that they are both entangled into each other. Scatologically speaking, I think I can stand toe-to-toe with you; and although I recognize you are light years ahead of me theologically/philosophically speaking, I feel there are times I can contribute some lucid thoughts/responses to your deeper posts, and the other times, I sit and watch your posts and others' responses to them evolve. Half the time, I laugh until I just about soil myself; and the other half the time, I feel a new wrinkle or two forming in the mush between my ears.

Additionally, I believe that Mr. Hwa might also be a good paradox re: the women and shit observations you made.

PS: For what it's worth--I don't think there's ENOUGH shit stories in your blog:)

Pungently yours,

I think you've outdone me in the scat department. I have yet to blog my own fart.


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