Sunday, June 12, 2005

oil and water forge compromise

I've decided that a children's story needs a work-safe site, and juxtaposing raunchy Skippy-style graphics with kids' material isn't going to cut it: it's like mixing oil and water.

To that end, I've created a new blog devoted entirely to telling the story in me noggin: The San-shin's Tiger. Those of you with children should feel no fear about pointing your kids there. There won't be any swearing or sexuality, but I might sneak in some fart jokes (am still brainstorming, but one of the characters is likely to be a fearsome farter, which will come in handy during some of the adventures). You've been warned!

Feel free to visit any old time. Updates and revisions will occur periodically over the next few months as the story fleshes itself out. I hope to have a publishable product, but more important, I hope to make my goddaughter happy. This story is for her.


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