Thursday, June 23, 2005

rencontre avec un fana

Earlier today, as I was waddling toward my private tutoring engagement in Apkujeong (and right after I'd bought a chocolate waffle), I heard someone behind me say, "Kevin!"

The voice didn't sound familiar, but the person sounded like he knew me. I turned around and saw a beaming gentleman-- definitely not someone I knew. "I'm a fan of your home page!" he said. He was back in Korea for a bit, and said he had just been wondering whether he was going to be meeting any of the bloggers he reads-- I remember him mentioning the Holy Binity of Marmot and Oranckay. "Not ten days in Seoul, and I meet you!" he smiled.

I asked him whether my blog's shit humor was turning him off; he said that it was fine with him. Good! That's as it should be! My target audience realizes that the holy and the unholy are not-two, so I think this gentleman might well be a wandering sage, as are most or all of my three regular readers. I have no truck with the uptight. Fuck notions of purity and propriety. Well, no-- don't fuck them hard, because they have their uses. Please fuck them gently.

My fan is off to what sounds like a terrific job in the United Arab Emirates; I wish him well and hope he is inundated with UAE poontang. I don't know if the gent is married; I didn't have a chance to ask him, as I had to hurry off to my illegal* tutoring engagement. But even if he's married, I still hope he's regularly assaulted by wave after wave of bearded clams. Or at least by the thought of wave after wave of bearded clams.

Mr. Fan, I've already forgotten your name because I never got a business card from you and I, at age 35, have a memory like a sieve. Feel free to write in any old time, and I might post your letter for all to see.

*Actually, Smoo is aware I have this engagement, and they appear to be tolerating it. I don't think my contract specifies whether permission to do outside work must be written; the only question is whether condoning constitutes permission. If push came to shove, I assume it wouldn't.


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