Saturday, June 18, 2005

welcome to the blogroll!

They've been on the sidebar for a couple days as text links, but I've finally crafted sidebar images for Alan Cook's blog, Milinda's Questions, and for Jelly's blog, I Got Two Shoes.

Mr. Cook's blog is fairly serious and deep in nature, dealing as it does with philosophical and religious issues (I'll be curious to see how he weighs in on the philosophy of mind discussions over at Maverick Philosopher), so I decided to go for a "shades of gray" design, having stolen an image of the Greek king Milinda (also known as Menander) from somewhere on the Web. To wit:

Milinda's Questions

Jelly's blog, which goes in my second Koreablog section (the Noble Hwarang), takes a more lighthearted tack, as she has hilarious posts with titles like Ass Injections and Dokdo and Snoopy. Jelly's a great writer who blogs about her perceptions of Korean and Japanese culture (she'd lived in Japan before coming to Korea), what life is like at her school, and even her fantastic pussy. In her honor, I've crafted an image of Heidi Klum fantasizing about a cave troll. Here we go:

I Got Two Shoes

Do these folks a favor and click on their blogs often. They're both excellent writers and thinkers, each with a special perspective, and I'm happy to have them aboard the BigHo Ship of Fools.


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