Saturday, June 25, 2005

postal scrotum: Kevin of IA!

Everyone's favorite blogger, Kevin of the late, great Incestuous Amplification, writes me from his undisclosed location (somewhere between Liz Hurley's buttocks):

I think in fairness to your readers, it would be prudent to disclose your past.

I ran across the attached photo while I was NOT watching a Japanese Porn.

Obviously you've decided to get rid of the perm in your transition to employment which doesn't involve unloading on schoolgirl's faces...and in retrospect that seems like it was the right call.

Perhaps I'll make my return to the blog world with an expose and shot-by-shot analysis (no pun intended) of your heart-breaking performance as Japanese Thug #3 in Anal Secretary.


True to form, Kevin provides the incriminating pic:

Yep. That's how I look when I come. It's also how I look when I meditate. Coincidence?

We'll be awaiting your blogospheric return with balls on. Knew you couldn't stay away.


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