Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Part of the fun of learning a language is realizing how similar we all are, and yet how different.

The title "War of the Worlds" has been rendered "Uju Jeon-jaeng," or "Space War." Why? I have no clue, except that the term "war of the worlds" might not have cultural resonance for Koreans. The title "Space War" wouldn't fly in America because it's the name of an old, popular, vector graphics video game from the early 1980s (and became an addictive Atari game title as well).

However, the blurb just above the title is an almost literal translation of the original English blurb: "The last war on earth won't be started by humans."

The two red names at the top of the poster are, as you might expect, t'ohm k'eu-ru-jeu and seu-t'i-beun seu-p'il-beo-geu, or as we know them, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.

Say hi to Oprah, Tom. I see she's sending her tentacled minions after you.


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