Sunday, June 12, 2005

children and prudes, avert your eyestalks!

In honor of that wacko Canadian Skippy, whom I finally blogrolled, here is a not-for-kids sidebar image to match his not-for-kids blog. The image probably won't make the ladies hungry, but I have to admit that it makes me want to go get a sandwich.

The Indomitable Skippy

I'm proud of myself for making this, my very first animated GIF. I have to thank Annika for the inspiration; her Photoshopping skills far outstrip mine. Thanks as well to the Maven, who so long ago linked to the ever-amusing (but occasionally disturbing) Rate My Camel Toe site (definitely not work-safe). The ladies in my animated GIF were plucked straight from Camel Toe. And it took a while to find some good ones, because that site features quite a few below-par toes.

Also: sincere thanks to Google Images for providing the brie sandwich.

Mmmm. Brie.


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