Sunday, June 19, 2005

keeping that promise

Two new inductees to the Hairy Chasms blogroll!

First up is Max Becker-Pos's fine blog, the English Bloopers Weblog.

Here's the sidebar image and link:

Max's Blog

Max lived in Korea several years and then moved to Japan. I was trying to figure out whether to place him with the Koreablogs or with the Asiablogs, and I finally decided on Asiablogs, since he's now in Japan for the long term and soaking up the culture there. Go congratulate him on the birth of his twin boys!

Next up: as promised, a sidebar image in honor of Joel's new writing site.

Heh-- Joel's gonna kill me when he sees it. Back story: I went searching quickly through Joel's blog archives for a decent pic of him to use for the sidebar image. I found a pic of him with his girlfriend Sunhang, posing with their cat. I'd originally wanted to pair Joel up with Keanu, pair Sunhang up with the Predator (found a nice Predator image online) and simply erase the cat from the pose. Alas, in a 150 x 200 pixel space, there wasn't enough room for four detailed characters; it would've been too crowded. As a result, Sunhang escaped the Photoshopping, but Joel... Ah, Joel...

Well, take a look.

Joel's Writing

Go visit these sites often! If you don't hear from me, you'll know it's because Joel bought a deer rifle, drove from Gunsan to Seoul, and blew my head off.


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