Monday, June 20, 2005

Kev finally hits the tooth doc

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I'm off for my first dental appointment at the clinic located on Smoo's campus. The clinic is pretty scary looking: patients have no privacy and you get two people hanging over you while you lie there like a sacrifice with your mouth wide open. They don't remove teeth, either; very likely, the dentist will recommend a nearby clinic for the extraction. I'm going to request extraction of only one tooth: my nasty, upper-left wisdom tooth with the cavity on the side.

The Smoo clinic is located in the basement (!) of the campus main building (bon-gwan). Lovely. Because I'm faculty, I don't even have to make a formal appointment: I was told simply to walk in tomorrow at 11AM.

This will be my first dental appointment since... when? Since 1992, I think.

Holy shit, that's thirteen years!

No wonder I think I have several cavities. They say you're supposed to visit your dentist every year, but that shit is expensive in America, and it's been a while since I had actual insurance.

So now I find myself in Korea, at the mercy of Korean health care. I'll be sure to give you a report of how it goes.

If the dentist asks for a feces sample, I'm outta there.

But before I make my escape, I'll leave a sample. Oh, yes... I'll be sure to leave a big ol' sample.


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