Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ave, Charles!

Charles has a nifty post on CAPTCHAs up. I'd never heard the acronym before; most bodacious, it is.

Which reminds me: someone just tried to leave a comment without leaving a name. No anonymous comments, por favor. Even signing a name to the bottom of the comment in the text field is preferable to having no name at all.

But to answer the commenter's question: I haven't changed my settings since implementing monitored comments, so I assume it's Blogger that's changed.



Anonymous said...

It's funny, but when I post on religious and philosophical issues all I hear is crickets chirping--with the exception of your insightful comments, of course. But then I go and dash off a quick note on a programming subject, and the commenters come flooding out of the woodwork. For some reason, my readership appears to consist largely of code geeks.

Half of the comments I received on this note were on how my implementation could be defeated, which kind of misses the point, but I do appreciate the interest.

(And speaking of CAPTCHAs, the word verification for this comment is: "Smlfunpu." Smell Fun Poo, indeed.)

John B said...

Haven't you heard that the new thing is the Kitten Authentication?