Thursday, December 13, 2007

interesting contrasts

The recently-resurrected Annika has a bit of praise for Mitt Romney's speech about religion, but Malcolm has written three posts (first, second, third) that offer a dimmer view of Romney's speech. Malcolm invokes both Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris.

Skippy's take on Romney's speech boils down to this: it's "a really well-dressed exercise in empty [platitudes]." That's something of a middle-way view between Annika's praise and Malcolm's disdain, I think: Skippy seems to be asserting that Romney's speech was essentially content-free fluff. Then again, at the end of his post, Skippy skews more Malcolm-ward, I think, by concluding:

You know, I always thought that Mitt Romney was an idiot, a braying jackal and a fucking whore. But I'm beginning to think that I may have been wrong. Yes, that Ken doll is all of those things to be sure. But he's something else ...

He just might be sleazy enough to be president after all.


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