Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Food prep for tonight's meal (yikes-- only 90 minutes to go!) continues apace. I think I'll be ready in time... I've told the students to meet me at 6PM... we'll see how many actually come on time! Ha ha!

While I had JW's help two nights ago-- he brought his car and I was able to take all my food and equipment in a single trip-- I'm going to have to lug everything over to school without a car tonight, and will probably need two trips because I've got to tote along my gas range and some pots and pans. Or maybe two trips won't be necessary: I've got this huge Costco shopping bag now, and that might save me the extra trip.

You know what's unbelievable to me? There's actually construction going on next door today. The new building is coming up quickly, but you'd think the workers would at least have Christmas off. Either the boss is Ebenezer Scrooge or he gave the workers some sort of fiscal incentive.

Photos of the meal later.


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