Wednesday, December 26, 2007

much fud et by all

I forgot my camera, so I'm afraid I have no pics of the evening at Smoo (my first time back at school since the start of vacation).

The third floor was almost pitch black when I arrived-- lights were off everywhere except in the area in front of the elevators. I got to school a few minutes early, but one student was already there, sitting in the semi-darkness. Two other ladies arrived-- late-- and as it turned out, that was it for our group. I'd been expecting anywhere from four to six people, so I prepared enough for six (plus a hungry Kevin, of course). We obviously ended up with leftovers, but the three ladies who did show up cleaned their plates.

My buddy Dominique sent me some cute pics of Christmas at his place; I'll be slapping those up later in partial penance for not having taken pics of tonight's meal.


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