Friday, December 21, 2007

public storage? any kind of storage?

As mentioned long ago, I'll very likely be back in Korea-- background-checked and drug-tested-- after Kevin's Walk is finished (probably sometime in 2009). I've been thinking about the nettlesome question of what to do with my mortal possessions in the meantime. Taking everything back to the States, only to haul it all back to Korea in a year or so, seems a mite silly, wouldn't you agree?

I can't ask my relatives to help me by storing my possessions at their respective residences-- that option is pretty much right out. Any suggestions? I'm just thinking out loud... feel free to chime in.



Anonymous said...

If I had any sort of storage space myself, I'd offer to help out, but I'm afraid I don't. I haven't heard of storage facilities in Korea like they have in the States. Then again, I haven't ever really had to look, either.

Anonymous said...

Wut about a storage blimp tethered to a building or Namsan Tower?

Sperwer said...

How much swag are we talkin big guy? I've got a basement that's reasonably dry (as long as the ondol above doesn't burst a pipe). Of course, I've also got a lifetime's worth of my own baggage train down there, so spcae is at a premium!

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for the offer.

Hard to say... I think I've got at least 35-40 boxes' worth of stuff-- but not large boxes: I'm talking American-style apple boxes, here (a bit less than 2 cubic feet per box: 10.5" high, 13" wide, 19" deep/long).

But that's assuming I pack EVERYTHING, clothing included. A lot of the clothing will likely be given away to the poor, and I might sell or give away many of the kitchen items, such as the hand blender, the food processor, various pots and pans, etc.

I also have some suitcases, but I suppose I can take 4 back with me at no extra charge (Dad's coming in April to help with the move-out, so we can each do 2 bags, I think).

Perhaps the best way to gauge how much crap I have is this: whenever I've moved in the past, I've never had to rent the services of more than one of those small flatbed trucks. Everything fits inside that, with little to no pile-up necessary.

How spacious could your basement possibly be? Got room for a meat freezer down there?


Sperwer said...

Where do you think I keep the body parts of my victims? Heh, heh, heh.

I think we can fit you in ------
no, not that way.