Monday, December 17, 2007

where has the time gone?

I stepped outside for the second time in five days this evening. I have a ton of work to do and can't really afford all this recluse nonsense, but I'm still getting over my sickness, which pretty much overwhelmed me once I was back from France. This tends to happen to me over break: I'm generally OK during the semester, but I let myself go whenever there's a break of a week or more, and that's usually when my immune system decides that it, too, wants a holiday.

It's also been quite time-consuming to prepare the Europe photos for blogging. As you see, I'm doing them in batches of about 40 or so (including the YouTubed film clips), and we're halfway through. I'll be slapping up another batch in the next hour or two; the photos are prepared, but the blog text needs to be written, and that promises to take some time.

More soon.


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