Saturday, December 01, 2007

et parmi les trouvailles, un bijou

When checking SiteMeter, I saw that I had received a visit from a blog called An Other Tongue, written by someone with the handle "lovein2languages." I'm guessing the owner of that handle is female; the handle has more than a whiff of the feminine about it.

Male or female, the writer (is s/he Korean? seems that way) appears to be a grad student in the diss proposal phase (cheer up, lovein2languages-- rejection of early proposals is perfectly normal, and it's a lot better to get a rejection than to be confronted by a pissed-off advisor who asks, "So, are you ever planning to send us your proposal?"). The essays on An Other Tongue are very well written. Topics so far include adoption of Korean children, grad school life, non-canonical Asian-American literature, objections to Sarkozy's law-and-order stance, and other matters. Overall, it's an interesting mix of political, literary, and personal themes.

Definitely a blog to watch, and very likely an addition to the sidebar.


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Anonymous said...

the handle is an english translation of Abdelkebir Khatibi's Amour bilingue. Khatibi's a male writer. not to say there's anything wrong with guys having a whiff of the feminine.