Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Greetings, loyal minions!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is now in control of this blog. He feels like John McClane arriving for Christmas at Nakatomi Towers.

Only in this analogy I'm not exactly John McClane, and this blog is not exactly Nakatomi Towers...


As you might have guessed from the opening phrasing of this post, I am Kevin's friend Mike (of Naked Villainy) and I will be your blog host for the next few days whilst Kevin is away in Europa.

No promises as to what I'll be posting. As I feel a blog movement upon me, I'll be sure to act according to my nature.

So, until I can think of something else to write (or it becomes time to post one of Kevin's pre-fabricated posts) I'll bid you all to...

Carry on.

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