Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's resolutions: sex spam version

In 2008, I will...

1. increase the length of my penis by 2-4 inches using all-natural supplements.

2. make her scream for more.

3. be invited to an orgy.

4. watch steamy Hentai chick fucked by tentacle.

5. witness cum-drinking sluts taking big black cock.

6. watch Steamy Amat3ur showing huge b00b5.

7. make self-respect with Ci@liis.

8. enjoy naughty, shaven grandma doing student.

9. be like an afterburner for my d1ck.

10. not let aging get in the way of an Erection.



Jelly said...


Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it... #4 & #5, I wouldn't mind seeing, as well.