Wednesday, December 26, 2007

where did the day go?

Today seems to have passed in a post-Christmas fog. I'm eating luscious leftovers from yesterday's party and pondering the long to-do list, which no longer includes social engagements before January but which does include a lot of time spent in the office.

I was in the office last night for a long time after the party, mainly just reorienting myself. I watched a couple DVDs: "A Knight's Tale," which is one of my favorite feel-good movies, and "Blade Runner: The Final Cut," which was good but didn't exactly wow me: if the Big Issue is that Deckerd himself might be a replicant, well... there are logical problems with that scenario, primarily because he's been around so long and has both a history and a reputation in the police force. Couple this with his relative physical ineptitude when compared to both combat and non-combat replicant models, and he doesn't come off as a convincing replicant. Gaff's origami unicorn seems to be a hint that Gaff knows about Deckerd's unicorn dream(s), but the movie establishes that memories can be implanted without saying whether this is true only for replicants.

So now I'm sitting here, wondering if I should trudge over to the office this late in the evening. And I'm thinking to myself, Nah. I'd rather finish my Asimov novel and slap up those France pictures.

Merry post-Christmas, all.


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Anonymous said...

Well, Ridley Scott has discussed the idea in the past that Deckard was a different model than the Nexus-6, which could have prolonged his life. Also, you say that Deckard has been around for a long time and has a history and reputation, but that might be an implant as well. Only Bryant, Holden and Gaff likely know about his history, and in the film they are the only ones from the police force who communicate with him. They might have been stringing him along the whole time if he had a limited lifespan. As for physical ineptitude, again I think that Deckard might have been an early model before they modified the combat models.

That and Ridley Scott has been saying he's a replicant for years.

-The Blade Runner Nerd