Sunday, December 23, 2007


With grudging thanks to Instapundit, I have now made the acquaintance of a little device that promises to revolutionize my nasal life: the neti pot.

I don't have a neti pot here in my humble abode, but I don't think it'd be hard to jury-rig one.

(That YouTube video rocks, by the way. If I were the drinking type, I'd watch it over and over while drunk.)



Stafford said...

Have you seen this oone:

Maven said...

I highly recommend "neti jala!" Just make sure the salt you put in the water is non-iodized... dat shit burns!!

Even at it's best, neti is a messy proposition. And to do it correctly, you need to get into a downward facing position after, to let it all drain out (I usually do a mock "downward facing dog" when I am in the bathtub and preparing for a shower and then forcibly blow air out of the snotlocker on the exhales).

Good luck with it. Takes some getting used to, but well worth it!

Maven said...

PS: I saw the video on Youtube. Trust me, neti jala isn't always such a tidy and neat experience. I usually end up needing to change my shirt:)