Sunday, December 23, 2007

dress rehearsal

I'm cooking for a group of 4-6 students on Christmas Day, but before that happens, I'm meeting up with some Korean friends today and preparing a "first run" of the somewhat international meal I'll be offering on Tuesday:

appetizer: cheese fondue -- Swiss
main meal: beef burgundy with whipped potatoes -- French/American
salad: caprese -- Italian
dessert: fruit + chocolate/confection -- Korean/European

I'm doing a very small fondue because I don't think my friends can take too much cheese.

Tuesday promises to be interesting, because I'm not really sure the university will be open.* It almost certainly won't be heated, which means I'll need to bring up some of the electric space heaters from the main office to make sure Room 303 isn't an icebox when the ladies arrive.

I'm not sure whether I'll be taking photos of today's meal; we'll see. If I do get some pics, I'll be sure to slap them up on Ye Olde Blogge.

UPDATE: Check out the foodblogging at EFL Geek's place. I wish I had an oven.

*Not a big problem. The security guards all know me because I stay at school so late; I've got some pull with them. Unlocking classrooms and turning off certain security sensors won't be a big deal. Damn, that sounds sinister.


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Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you when the Melting Pot finally opens up in my neck of the woods (soon soon soon!).

I luvs me some fondoooooo!