Saturday, December 08, 2007

the December 8th post on my travels

I'm writing this on December 2nd, but this is being posted on December 8th. If I've followed the schedule I had laid out for myself, then today is the day I leave Interlaken, Switzerland and head over to Colmar, France. Hopefully, all has gone well-- the passport hasn't been lost, I haven't been killed by a fishtailing bus, I haven't slipped and shattered a hip, been torn apart by wild dogs, or been carried off by aliens that specialize in sex with fat people.

My trip started out in Paris when I arrived at Roissy (the common French name for Charles de Gaulle airport) on Tuesday the 4th. I most likely took a train straight out of Paris to Nantes, calling my French family beforehand to inform them of my approximate arrival time. I assume this trip went without a hitch, but you never know what sort of monkey wrench the strikes or the riots might throw into the works. I will have stayed in Carquefou (a town close to Nantes) for two nights, visiting my French parents (and probably meeting my "big brother" Xavier as well); I hope to have pictures to show you.

On Thursday the 6th (if all went according to plan), I headed out of Nantes and crossed the entire country to reach Switzerland. I did Fribourg first to meet my Swiss family, then hit Interlaken for a night. I imagine Interlaken was crowded while I was there; it's a touristy place, and skiing is a huge draw. Generally, I prefer Interlaken in the spring and summer, but I've always been curious as to what it looks like in the winter.

So today, the 8th, sees me trundling from Interlaken to Colmar to visit the other half of my French family. I'd like to tell you what the weather is like, but I'm writing this on December 2 and therefore have no idea. I hope it's been snowing along France's eastern border.

I'm curious as to how much my buddy's kids have grown. A fourth child, Timothé, was born not long ago; I imagine he won't be very big. But Joséphine, Augustin, and Héloïse are doubtless much bigger than when I last saw them. In fact, Héloïse was still a helpless little bundle of joy last time around.

As mentioned, photos pending.


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