Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday and Paris

It's Monday, so in theory I'm in Paris again, having left Colmar this morning in order to arrive in Paris sometime in the afternoon. Juste le temps de trouver un hôtel et passer une nuit dans la Cité des Lumières.

My flight out on Tuesday is actually in the evening-- around 8PM. At a guess, I'll check out of my hotel in the morning and fart around the city a few hours (definitely gonna hit some Turkish fast food and a crêpe stand), then head off to the airport. If not, I might do the boring thing and head straight to the airport via the hotel's airport bus (if the hotel I've chosen has one), or via the nearest RER connection. Then I'll spend my hours in the airport just reading and people-watching.

There are a dozen different ways to reach Roissy from the city proper; I'm not too exercised about which method I'll use to get where I'm going. At the worst, failing other options, I'll take a taxi, but Paris isn't Seoul, and I'd rather avoid hopping in a cab if at all possible.

TUESDAY UPDATE FROM CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRPORT (CDG): Scratch the above. I stayed an extra day at Dominique's house and left for the airport this morning. This meant waking up at 4:15AM, doing the hour-long drive from Colmar to Strasbourg (did you know the sculptor Bartholdi, he of Statue of Liberty fame, was from Colmar? me, neither), then taking the TGV that goes from Strasbourg to CDG. My flight leaves at 8:25PM and it's 10:05AM, Paris time, as I write this. I've got plenty of time to kill.

It was a great trip, though way too brief. More later.


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