Saturday, December 29, 2007

postal scrotum: Nathan's triple-whammy

Nathan sent me three items of note in an email. I'll simply reproduce the email here:

A triple-whammy from Nathan!

Hi Kevin,

I thought you might find this link interesting--it's on fighting between Christian clerics in the Church of the Nativity. In an ironic twist, Palestinian police formed a human chain to separat the clerics in order to end the violence.

Link 1

The second link is one that my friend Brian sent me. It's definitely NSFW, but it's absolutely hilarious, right down to the very last sentence. As my friend said, "I don't know how they can do this with a straight face."

Link 2

Finally, I note, in good, Hairy Chasms style that I birthed a monster the other day; its diameter was about: 6.5 cm, or about 2.5 inches! For better or for worse (probably the former), no link.

All the best,

Congratulations, Nathan, on the birth of your prodigious turdworm.

Readers, you should also take the time to read Nathan's excellent post on a Muslim honor killing-- Canada's first.


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