Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Superficially profound

Greetings, loyal readers of Hairy Chasms. So... I forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner tonight. I had to resort to the small stockpile of preprepared frozen food I keep for just such occasions. The entree for dinner happened to be fish sticks.

Yes, you read that correctly. Frozen fish sticks. I keep them around in bulk. I buy the 10 lb bag you get at Costco and throw them in the freezer. Sometimes the kids want them for lunch. Other times we have to resort to them for dinner.

Now... You should know that I probably have about 400lbs of frozen pork and beef in my freezer. As some readers of my own site might know, I buy my pork and beef from my friend Mark - who raises it for me.

So I have steaks, roasts, loins, rounds, ribs, and any number of cuts available to me to choose from when going to the freezer.

But I chose fish sticks.

Why you may ask?

I have this issue with microwaving meat to thaw it out. I can't stand to do it. It always winds up cooking the edges of the meat; and those edges are right nigh inedible.

So I don't do it.

I will not do it.

As a result, I consign myself to frozen fish sticks.

I did make up some tartar sauce to go with the fish sticks.

Tartar sauce is weird. I've never killed a Tartar to make it. And as a culture the Tartars aren't famous for their eggy sauces.


Carry on.

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