Wednesday, February 06, 2008

100 Below: Volume 35

The tongue was gaining on them.

Sark desperately spurred his faithful tiger onward. They charged through the twisting cave tunnels, the tongue in hot pursuit.

Suddenly the tiger braked, nearly pitching Sark over its head. Sark gathered his wits, looked downward, and saw a chasm full of gently waving uvulae.

"There's a ledge across the chasm," the tiger growled. "I can make it!" The tongue's mad progress was causing the rock to vibrate.

"You fully fueled?" Sark shouted.

"Yes!" roared the tiger.

"Then do it!"

The tiger gathered itself, then launched into space with a titanic fart.

"Beeeeaaaaaaannnnssss!!!" they cried.


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