Friday, February 08, 2008

Vale, Rominator

Mitt Romney appears to be ready to pack up and skedaddle. The text of his concession speech is here. Parts of it are interesting; parts of it-- actually, quite a few parts of it-- make me cringe.

So: like it or not, GOP, you've got McCain now. Suck it up. Deal with it.

And if you're not regularly reading Skippy's commentary on all this, you're doing yourself a disservice. The reason I stick with Skippy over so many other pundits is that Skippy's insights move beyond mere analysis to solid prediction. He and I may disagree about the worth of Giuliani, but Skippy's been on the money with every important prognostication he's made. His reasoning is sound, and the fact that his forecasts prove consistently correct assures me that his insights are grounded in reality. Fuck with Skippy at your peril.

And bye-bye, Mitt.

(Now here's hoping that Hillary drops out.)

I suspect the American public will be happy to have Obama and McCain run against each other. I am, however, morbidly curious as to whom each would pick as running mates. I doubt McCain would pick Giuliani; I read somewhere (Instapundit?) that a McCain-Thompson ticket might be possible, but last I heard, ol' Fred had said he wasn't interested in the number-two slot. He might change his mind, though; you never know. Fred would add some likability to McCain's well-known irascibility, but again, I'm worried about Fred's voting habits. He's as close to true-blue conservative as you can get, and for me, as a moderate, that's not necessarily a virtue. It would, however, be a good play to calm those GOPers who insist on viewing McCain as some sort of traitor.

If Obama snags the Dem nomination, whom would he pick as a running mate? I'd cackle if he picked Hillary (thereby partly fulfilling a gibe he made during one debate, where he said he'd love to have her as an advisor). Hell, I'll cackle if he doesn't pick Hillary.

As always, check out On the Issues to find out where the candidates stand.


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