Monday, February 25, 2008

they demand FUD

My CNN students, well aware that Wednesday, being the last class for them, is jjong-party day, requested a sausage and egg breakfast. I had been hoping to get away with giving them a few muffins or something, but I guess I'll be making a trip over to Hannam for some Bob Evans sausage and those huge-ass packs of hash browns. Eggs will have to wait; I might buy those at Costco, as I'll need to do a Costco run in the next day or so. That, or I'll hit a local store. Korean eggs are just fine with me.

The menus look to be as follows:

CNN Breffus, Wednesday, 9AM

main meal = eggs (+ cheddar cheese), sausage, hash browns
(possibly some croissants or doughnuts)
drinks = milk, juice, coffee, tea

Level 2 English Brunch/Lunch, Thursday, 10:10AM and 11:20AM

appetizer = up to students
main course = variant of the Wolfgang Puck mac n' cheese number he did for the Oscars
salad = Kevin-style Mediterranean salad
drinks = up to students

The macaroni and cheese I'll be doing will have three cheeses-- white cheddar, Gruyère, and parmesan. It will also have a spot of Béchamel sauce, some very finely chopped onions, and a good bit of crispy bacon. I can't afford Puck's black truffles, but I will stick in some fragrant shiitake, and instead of regular elbow macaroni, I'll be using penne, as I have loads of penne at home.

The salad will be the usual bed of cucumbers covered in julienned carrots and sliced green peppers, then topped with chopped tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, tuna, and grated mozzarella cheese, all accented with a sneezeful of black pepper. The dressing will be the same one you saw in the previous post.

I'll be prepping the pasta in class, which I hope will be entertaining.

Intensive 2, Thursday, 1:30PM

This is a three-hour class, and I plan to take things slow.

appetizer = seared shrimp and scallop with saesongi-beoseot and mashed (or, more likely, whipped) potato, topped with a basil leaf (or garnished with parsley)
main course = spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread
salad = Kevin-style caprese
dessert = up to the students
drinks = up to the students

The caprese will alternate mozzarella, tomato, and basil leaves (assuming any basil leaves are to be had at Hannam); in the center will be a mass of tuna and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Dressing as noted previously.

If I remember to do so, I'll bring along my camera and take some shots of the goodies and of the students chowing down.


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