Thursday, February 07, 2008

Korea links

People routinely send me links, and I occasionally blog them. Yesterday, I received an email from my dad about a blog my mother had found while reading one of the local (i.e., northern Virginia-based) Korean rags. The blog is called Korea Report. Dad writes:

This site apparently belongs to a person living here in Fairfax, VA, whose content on this site is worthy enough to be accepted by the Foreign Policy office for viewing and dissemination. (All this info comes from a news article in The Korea Times newspaper...). This person also has a website: US Diplomacy - maybe this might help to clarify what this person's about.

I assume the above sites are already known to the DPRK Studies/One Free Korea crowd, but if there are others of you out there with a stiffie for Hard News About Korea and the World, I recommend the above two links.

NB: Dad's reference to the Korea Times is about the NoVA-based Korean paper, not the Korea Times in Korea.


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Thanks for the shout out!