Saturday, February 09, 2008

this one's for you, Charles

Stafford is currently hosting a good parody of the TV series "Lost."



  1. I'm honestly afraid to watch that. I deliberately keep myself from all things Lost until I get the season on DVD. That might sound extreme, but I accidentally stumbled across a major season 2 spoiler (the death of a main character) before I watched it, and it really sucked.

    Although if you'll vouch that it doesn't contain any spoilers, I'll go watch it (after I extract the link from the raw HTML that displays when I try to view the page in Firefox).

  2. C,

    I'm pretty sure the parody contains no major spoilers, especially considering how it ends. A hint: it ends on a very "RvD" note (I've blogged about "RvD" before).




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