Friday, February 08, 2008


"Yeesh" is, of course, derived from "Yeshua bar Yusuf," i.e., "Jesus, son of Joseph." It's a watered-down way of exclaiming, "Jesus Christ!"

OK, so I made that up. I don't really know if "Yeesh" is related to "Jesus." It might be; it might not.

But I put forth my "yeesh" because my recent post, which was simply a quiz I stole from Naked Villainy, has generated comments in such a hurry that I have to wonder aloud at why I bother to blog at all. If the key to eliciting reader response is to slap up a quiz, then, fuck-- I should slap up nothing but quizzes!

You feeling guilty yet? Oh, I hope you all are. That's my gift to you as a member of the Judeo-Christian community: I stand upon the precipice and urinate scalding streamers of GUILT upon your cringing heads!

(Come to think of it, that's also my gift to you as a male: were I a woman, it'd be a bit more difficult to aim the guilt at its targets. Then again, women have many hidden talents. I wouldn't put it past them to have invented laser-guided nano-urine or some such.)

So-- you gonna leave a comment about that quiz? Eh? EH??


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  1. Actually, I've heard that it is possible for women--with some practice--to aim their urine stream and even use urinals. I kid you not.



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