Sunday, February 10, 2008

America's spate of shootemups

This ABC News article offers an interesting exploration of what drives people to commit mass murder. I haven't yet commented on the recent spate of killings in my country; perhaps I will later this week.



Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted by it all, but here in South Korea there is fan death. The perfect way to kill someone by smothering and then get away with it, or used by the police when they have no clue as to who the killer is.

Guns are a double-edged sword, but people have been killed with poison, rocks, and fists as well. Sadly, after a while it sort of doesn't really register with most of us. Like the suicide bombers in Middle East. I really worry about that method of mass murder making its way into the U.S. It found its way into England recently, but has been in Spain for a while.

Anonymous said...

We also don't remember the past very well. Prohibition was a very bloody time in American history. Some of these bootleggers and bank robbers were actually revered as "Robin Hood" types, alas there weren't all the 24/7 media bloodhounds (if it bleeds, it leads) that we have on the scent today. They need blood, gore, and impending doom to fill all those network and cable news shows with.

In my neck of the woods (South Texas), more police officers died during Prohibition than in all the other years that our counties have been in existance for. Don't know about normal citizens because we are losing a lot of drug dealers and alien smugglers during the last few years. We don't here much about them though as they aren't the pillars of society even if they are killed in bloody massacres involving AK-47s. These same low-lifes killed four young women by mistake first, when they got the address wrong. The drug dealing women they intended to kill lived on the other side of the street.

I don't recall ABC news, CBS news, or any other national news organization covering these killings though. Some say the victims weren't "white" enough as this is a mostly hispanic community, or that these thugs got what they deserved.