Friday, February 08, 2008


UPDATE: The comment thread in question was yanked. It no longer exists, unless you can track it down in some Web archive.

I've finally found it: the world's stupidest comment thread! Get a load of the anti-Obama comments that start the thread off... and keep on going...

I found the link off Drudge, but strangely enough, Drudge no longer has the link. Not only that, but I haven't been able to find the link by trolling Drudge's archives. Even a search on "ineffective campaign" in the Drudge search engine turns up nothing. I suspect someone realized that this article was showing off the ass-end of conservatism-- the dimwits who make the ideology look bad.

For those interested in a more intelligent explanation of classical conservative thinking (I kinda wish more conservatives read this), visit this conservatism FAQ page (with thanks to Dr. V for alerting us to this).

I'm all for reasoned public discourse. But flame wars that refer to Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" or just "Hussein Obama" (emphasis on the middle name for race-baiting/culture-baiting/fearmongering purposes) deserve to be laughed at, perhaps farted on, then ignored.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, debates about Obama that focus around his name and his supposed "Islamic heritage" (his Kenyan father was at best a lapsed Muslim) are just ridiculous, and even strike me as slightly racist. He's African; so what?

There may be good reasons for not supporting Obama and his policies but his name and ethnic background aren't some of them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I got to this one too late:

"EDITOR'S NOTE: We received more than 1,000 comments on this posting. Unfortunately, many readers used profane and offensive language, terms that we believe violated the spirit of the blog. We were forced to take down the entire comment section. Hotline On Call welcomes and encourages comments from readers of all opinions and political leanings. We ask, though, that you please refrain from using inappropriate language on the site. And we ask that you attempt to engage in respectful, if at times also impassioned, public discourse. Thanks much!"