Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ave, Justin!

Justin, big brother of Nose Hair Adam, has always had an uncanny ability to find cool shit online. In this post, he links to a video called "Fuck Planet Earth," a spoof(?) of the BBC "Planet Earth" series, the HD-DVD version of which has become known as the reason why you need to buy a giant, hi-def TV right freaking now. I laughed so hard at "Fuck Planet Earth" that I grew a third and a fourth nipple.

Big props to Todd Thacker (who, journo that he is, had to work on Lunar New Year's Day) for alerting me to Justin's post. Check out the "Don't Teach in Korea" Google ad Todd found.


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Anonymous said...

Misty, water-colored Memories... of the way we were...

Um. I loved that post over at Adam's.

Click my link. It'll take you to a similarly amusing blog post of mine from a few years back; the fun part about it? I start the post by linking to a NOSE HAIR PLUCKING GAME:)