Monday, February 04, 2008


If you had been in the room with me a moment ago, you'd have been subjected to the thunderous sound of my satanic laughter: the Patriots have CHEESED!

Better luck next time, fools! Meanwhile, enjoy the painful throb of your ball-stomping by the Giants! Ha ha!!

(Man, I was getting fucking sick of hearing about the goddamn Patriots all the time...)



Malcolm Pollack said...

Yeah, baby!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I only got to see the first half before I had to head out today, and it wasn't looking too good. The Giants defense was shutting down the Patriots offense, but their own offense was proving positively anemic. Still, I held out hope that they could pull something together in the second half. I was so happy when I got home a little while ago and saw that they did.

I think I'll stay up tonight to watch the second half when they replay it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck are the Patriots?

Kevin Kim said...