Saturday, February 09, 2008

not Darwinism: divine intervention

As a commenter noted, the world's stupidest comment thread no longer exists. It was yanked by the site's managers. If the site manager is God and the commenters are the earthly citizens, well... sometimes you just have to send in the ten plagues and wipe dem fuckaz out.

Over at Dr. V's blog and other places, I often read the accusation that "liberals lack civility," as if lack of civility were an automatic consequence of holding liberal views. While these conservative writers have made a strong case for the preponderance of incivility among many liberals, if they are implying that a conservative orientation somehow automatically leads to civil conduct, I'd have to disagree. That comment thread was an excellent case in point. Quite a few conservatives lack civility, too. Limbaugh and Coulter come immediately to mind.

I imagine a conservative reply to this might be that the drooling morons in that thread weren't "true conservatives," but this reply falls into the category of the "no true Scotsman" fallacy, a fallacy we often hear in association with the violent strands of Islam.


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