Thursday, February 21, 2008

the return of Ms. Stinky

My ajumma student, Ms. Stinky, made an appearance today. I had thought she'd dropped out, but apparently she hadn't. (Her explanation for not having been around was somewhat rambling and convoluted, and I didn't believe a word of it.) She appeared today, fragrant as usual, and told me she had come to celebrate the end of the semester with us. I had to give her some bad news: the semester wouldn't be over until next week. Ms. Stinky took the news in stride and, aglow with her unique brand of oblivious good cheer, accompanied my other girls into the class. I'm hoping she doesn't show up next week, but because Ms. Stinky is an instantiation of Murphy's Law, I expect my hopes to be dashed, dragged along a gravel road, and finally violated with a splintery broomstick.

On a related note: I sat down in the men's room yesterday and shat out a big brown letter "C."



Jelly said...

C is for cookie.
Your poo made you feel glee.
C is for cookie.
And then you had a pee.
C is for cookie.
But why you telling me?
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

Kevin Kim said...

An oldie but a doodie.


Anonymous said...

Tonsilolith stinky pellets? oh?

Anonymous said...

"C" shaped you say? See, I always crap out ampersands!

Malcolm Pollack said...

Is that a Rafflesia arnoldii?