Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good Lord...

Are the Democrats really going to thrust Hillary into the spotlight?

Everyone's been predicting it: if you put Hillary up, then the formerly disarrayed GOP will instantly snap behind the GOP nominee, who at this point appears likely to be McCain. Both parties know, in their heart of hearts, that their best chance is to pick someone with across-the-aisle appeal, and that would mean a McCain/Obama run. The GOP seems to be faster than the Dems at realizing this, while the Dems are suffering a kind of "choice paralysis" linked to the always-bad strategy of identity politics. The white woman or the black guy? It's a stupid way to formulate a choice. I'd rather think of it as the idealistic-but-adroit conciliator versus La Machine. That ought to clear things up for the electorate.

Alas, I'm too late: as the Super Tuesday count goes on, it's obvious that quite a few states have already hoisted Hillary onto their shoulders.

Your funeral, guys. For more than a year, I've been predicting a Dem victory in the 2008 election, but always with the proviso that Hillary was not the nominee. It's not that America isn't ready for a female president; it's that the American public isn't ready for Hillary. Think she's not a polarizing figure? Just you watch. Just you watch.

UPDATE: Mike's commentary is a must-read. We see mostly eye to eye, though Mike takes a dim view of Obama.



Malcolm Pollack said...

I couldn't agree more. The party is slitting its own throat.

Not that I mind; McCain will do if I can't have Rudy.

Anonymous said...

Good point! And that's exactly what Obama just said in his speech minutes ago... let's hope the democrats make the right choice ... for Obama!

Jelly said...